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9 Best MIDI Websites in 2023


As a music producer or musician, you’re always on the lookout for inspiration and resources to take your creations to the next level. MIDI files are a valuable asset in your production toolkit, giving you the freedom to modify, adapt, and experiment with pre-existing musical ideas. With thousands of MIDI files available online, the possibilities are endless. In this post, we’ll explore nine of the best websites to find free MIDI files in 2023. But first, let’s discuss why MIDI files are important for your music production journey.

The Value of MIDI Files in Music Production

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files are digital representations of musical notes, which can be edited and manipulated using software or hardware instruments. These files provide you with the flexibility to change tempo, pitch, and instrumentation, making them ideal for remixing, learning, and experimenting with new musical ideas.

Whether you’re making money as a musician or just starting, MIDI files can be a game-changer in your creative process. They can help you develop a deeper understanding of music theory, improve your composition skills, and speed up your workflow. Plus, utilizing MIDI files can save you valuable time when putting your music on Spotify or other platforms.

While the focus of this article is on free MIDI files, it’s worth noting that several of these websites also offer premium, paid MIDI files alongside their free collections. These paid options often provide exclusive, high-quality content that can further enhance your music production experience. When exploring MIDI websites, don’t hesitate to consider both free and premium options, as combining the best of both worlds can give you access to a broader range of MIDI files and help you create unique and professional-sounding projects.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top nine websites to find free MIDI files in 2023.


Best MIDI websites

BitMidi offers a vast collection of over 100,000 MIDI files, ranging from popular songs to video game soundtracks. The site is easy to navigate, and the files are available for instant download. Simply search for your desired MIDI file or browse through the various categories.


Nonstop2k is an excellent resource for electronic dance music (EDM) producers, offering a vast array of MIDI files specifically tailored to EDM genres. With a user-friendly interface and regular updates, Nonstop2k is a go-to destination for dance music enthusiasts seeking quality MIDI files.

Best MIDI websites boasts an extensive library of MIDI files, covering various genres and artists. The site also offers a user-friendly search function, making it easy to locate your desired files. Additionally, allows users to contribute MIDI files to the platform, ensuring a continually expanding collection.


MIDI DB offers a vast collection of free MIDI files, covering various genres and artists. With an easy-to-use search function, you can quickly locate and download your desired MIDI files. MIDI DB also features a “Top Downloads” section, showcasing the most popular files on the platform.


MIDIsite offers a wide selection of MIDI files from various genres, including classical, jazz, and rock. With a simple search function, you can quickly find and download the files you need. The site also features a “Latest Additions” section, showcasing recently added MIDI files.

Hit Trax MIDI Files

Hit Trax MIDI Files offers a wide range of free and paid MIDI files, covering popular songs and various genres. With a user-friendly interface and a “Free MIDI” section, you can easily access and download the files you need for your projects. The site also provides a selection of backing tracks and karaoke files for those interested in expanding their musical toolkit.

Best MIDI websites


MIDIworld is another excellent source of free MIDI files, offering a wide range of genres and styles. With a clean and straightforward interface, you can quickly find and download MIDI files to use in your music projects.


Cymatics is an outstanding platform for music producers looking to find not only MIDI files but also a wide range of high-quality samples, presets, and project files. Catering to various genres like EDM, hip-hop, and pop, Cymatics offers both free and premium resources to elevate your music production. While the primary focus of the site is on samples and presets, their free MIDI collections are definitely worth exploring. With regular updates and exclusive offers, Cymatics is a one-stop-shop for producers seeking to expand their sound library and stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving music production landscape.

Metal MIDI by Graham Downey

For those passionate about metal music, Metal MIDI by Graham Downey is a fantastic resource to discover free MIDI files in this genre. The site offers a curated collection of high-quality metal MIDI files, covering various subgenres like black metal, death metal, and thrash metal. Navigating the site is easy, with MIDI files organized by artist and album. This specialized resource is perfect for metal enthusiasts looking to incorporate authentic metal elements into their music projects or seeking inspiration from the genre’s complex rhythms and riffs.


MIDI files are a valuable resource for musicians and music producers, offering endless creative possibilities. By utilizing these nine websites, you’ll have access to a diverse range of MIDI files to enhance your music production and take your creations to the next level.

As you explore these resources and expand your musical horizons, remember to also focus on other aspects of your music career. Engaging with fans, creating a killer press kit, and utilizing paid advertising for effective music promotion are just a few ways to ensure your music gains the recognition it deserves.

Keep learning and growing as a musician, and don’t forget to explore our other articles on songwriting tips, how to promote your music on TikTok, and how to get more followers on Spotify to further enhance your skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving music industry.

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