10 Best AI Singing Voice Generator Software in 2023


Music has always been a deeply human expression, and the idea of computers joining the chorus might feel a bit off-beat. But in 2023, AI has found a way into the realm of singing. 

While it might not replace the soulful touch of human artists, understanding this new trend could give you an edge in music discussions or even in choosing tools for your own projects. 

If you’re skeptical about AI in music, you’re not alone. 

Let’s explore this together, understanding the what’s and why’s without the hype. By the end, you’ll have a fresh perspective to share with others. Ready to dive in?

What are AI Singing Voice Generators?

AI Singing Voice Generators are fascinating pieces of software that harness the power of artificial intelligence to produce singing voices. 

Unlike the typical voice assistants we’re familiar with, like Siri or Alexa, these tools don’t just speak—they sing. They’re designed to capture the nuances, pitches, and emotions that come with a song.

What makes them even more intriguing is their ability to be customized. If you’ve ever wanted a voice to sing in a soft ballad style or belt out a powerful rock anthem, many of these generators allow you to adjust the pitch, tone, and style to fit your vision. 

Imagine typing in your own lyrics and having a virtual singer serenade you with them!

While traditionalists might argue that machines can’t capture the soul of music, these AI-powered tools have found their niche. 

Music producers might use them to find a specific voice type, creators might integrate them for background vocals, or some might simply enjoy the novelty of experimenting with a blend of technology and art.

How Do Text To Singing Voice Generators Work?

At first glance, the idea of a machine singing might seem like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. But the mechanics behind AI Singing Voice Generators are both intriguing and grounded in advanced technology. 

These generators don’t just play back recorded voices; they create them, much like an artist paints a picture, but with data instead of paint.

The foundation of these generators is deep learning, a subset of AI. 

They’re trained on vast datasets comprising countless hours of human singing, spanning various genres, tones, and languages. 

By analyzing this data, the AI learns the intricacies of the human voice, from the subtle pitch changes in a lullaby to the powerful crescendos in an opera.

Once trained, the AI can generate voices based on the patterns it has recognized. 

When you input lyrics or a melody, the software uses its training to determine how a human might sing those words, and then it replicates that process. 

The result is a song that, while generated by a machine, has many of the characteristics of human singing.

However, it’s essential to note that while the technology is impressive, it’s still a representation.

The AI doesn’t “feel” emotions like a human singer might. Instead, it mimics the emotional tones based on its training data. 

Why Are AI Singing Voice Generators So Popular Now?

The surge in popularity of AI Singing Voice Generators can be attributed to several factors, each intertwining technology, culture, and the ever-evolving music industry.

  • Technological Advancements: The leaps in AI and deep learning have enabled the creation of voices that are incredibly realistic. As the technology has matured, the voices produced have become more nuanced and less robotic, appealing to a wider audience.
  • Innovation in Music: The music industry thrives on novelty and innovation. AI Singing Voice Generators offer a fresh avenue for artists to experiment, leading to unique sounds and collaborations. This drive for creativity has made these tools a hot topic in music circles.
  • Cost and Accessibility: Traditional music production can be both expensive and time-intensive. In contrast, AI-generated voices provide a cost-effective and swift alternative. This affordability and ease of access have made it a go-to for many, especially emerging artists.
  • Digitalization Trend: The world is rapidly moving towards a more digital era, where technology integrates seamlessly into daily life. As people become more tech-savvy and open to digital innovations, tools like AI Singing Voice Generators fit right into this evolving landscape.
  • Endless Possibilities: Beyond just music, these generators have potential applications in various fields like gaming, film, and virtual reality. The versatility and potential of these tools have piqued the interest of many, further driving their popularity.

The best ai singer software available in 2023:

1. Kits.ai – artist focused ai singer software

Kits.ai - artist focused ai singer software homepage

Kits AI presents itself as the ultimate toolkit for musicians looking to harness the power of AI in voice generation. 

This platform stands out by offering users the ability to generate AI voices with a single click. But what truly sets Kits AI apart is its collaboration with artists to officially release their voice models, ensuring authenticity and respect for the artist’s unique sound. 

This artist-first approach resonates with many in the music community, as it provides a platform where technology and artistry converge.

Listen to what artist like you ElleExxe has to say about her official AI voice model:

Moreover, Kits AI doesn’t just stop at voice generation. 

They’ve expanded their offerings to include a vast library of royalty-free voices, allowing musicians to transform their voice into a myriad of expressive vocal styles. 

For those who wish to take it a step further, Kits AI even offers a free AI voice model training tool. 

By simply uploading vocals, users can create and share their custom AI voice models, opening up endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in the world of music.

2. Revocalize.ai – revolutionizing ai singing voice generator

Revocalize AI emerges as a cutting-edge solution for those seeking to revolutionize their musical creations with AI-driven voice generation. 

At its core, this platform offers the ability to produce studio-quality AI voices with a touch of authenticity. 

What makes Revocalize AI stand out is its proprietary technology that captures the unique harmonics of a voice, allowing for the transformation of any input voice into another. 

Revocalize.ai - revolutionizing ai singing voice generator homepage

Beyond just voice generation, Revocalize AI boasts a suite of features tailored for the modern musician. From an extensive catalog of voices from around the globe to real-time auto-tune capabilities, the platform ensures that artists have the tools they need to produce top-tier vocal content. 

Moreover, with its focus on voice beautification, modulation, and even the opportunity to monetize one’s voice, Revocalize AI positions itself as a comprehensive toolkit for both budding and established artists.

3. Uberduck.ai – AI Singing Generator With Commitment To Community

Uberduck.ai - AI Singing Generator With Commitment To Community home page

With a focus on synthetic singing and rapping, Uberduck caters to a diverse audience, from creative agencies and musicians to coders. 

The platform’s process is straightforward: users can choose a beat from a curated collection, generate lyrics with AI or pen their own, select a voice (either from built-in options or custom creations), and finally, produce a song ready for download. 

This streamlined approach has garnered significant attention, with over 100 million views across social media, showcasing its widespread appeal.

What sets Uberduck apart is its commitment to innovation and community engagement. 

Uberduck.ai - AI Singing Generator With Commitment To Community - Grime's Tweet about Uberduck ai contest with using her voice

Notably, the platform hosted a $10,000 music production challenge, where producers worldwide utilized Grimes’s AI voice and Uberduck’s voice conversion technology to craft unique tracks. 

Uberduck contest using Grime's voice results announcement on tweeter

Additionally, Uberduck offers features like voice cloning, allowing users to create custom voices that can speak, sing, or rap. 

There’s also the voice-to-voice feature, which lets users transform their voice into someone else’s while retaining the original style. 

For those with a unique vocal flair, Uberduck even provides an opportunity to earn royalties, making it a hub for both creativity and potential income.

4. Emvoice – The Future of AI Singing

Using this text to singing voice generator with just a few clicks, users can generate vocal music without the need for traditional recording. 

The platform boasts a range of virtual singers, each with their distinct vocal characteristics. From Keela’s pop/EDM powerhouse vocals to Lucy’s soft and sultry tones, and Jay’s male voice designed for pop and rock, there’s a voice for every musical need. Not to forget Thomas, which brings the classic funky vocoder sound to life.

The software operates by allowing users to input notes and lyrics, with each note corresponding to a syllable of text. 

Once the melodies are set, they’re sent to the cloud, and Emvoice One’s virtual singers are ready to perform in an instant. 

The platform has garnered praise from various industry professionals, from songwriters to producers, highlighting its potential in revolutionizing the way artists approach vocal music creation. 

5. Murf.ai – Voice Cloning and Voice Changer with AI

Murf.ai is at the forefront of AI voice innovation, not just stopping at text-to-speech but venturing into sophisticated tools that can modify your voice or even replicate another’s. 

With their free account, users get a taste of the platform’s capabilities, including the essential voice transformation needed for AI singing. 

Murf.ai - Voice Cloning and Voice Changer with AI - homepage

While Murf.ai isn’t exclusively designed as an AI singing software, its capabilities can certainly be leveraged for such purposes. Especially when considering the features available in their free plan, it offers potential for those looking to experiment with AI-generated voices. 

For those seeking a more personalized touch, Murf.ai offers a premium service that crafts a bespoke voice model tailored just for you.

For those venturing into the realm of audio-visual content or aspiring to produce an AI-driven music video, Murf.ai’s audio and music section is a treasure trove. Here, you can hum a tune and be amazed as it’s echoed back through their state-of-the-art voice modifier. Dive deep into the myriad of voice options, experimenting until you pinpoint the perfect match.

Once you’ve crafted a compelling melody, Murf.ai offers the unique advantage of sharing this track with a like-minded artist, allowing them to envision their vocals layered over your creation. The beauty of AI voice modifiers like Murf.ai lies in their efficiency, eliminating the tedious task of manually molding speech into a harmonious melody.

6. Musicfy AI Vocals: A New Age of Vocal Production

Musicfy AI Vocals is a game-changer in the realm of AI voice generation. It’s not just about converting text into speech; it’s about offering a transformative experience for producers. 

With Musicfy, even if you’re a male, you can produce female vocals and vice versa. This flexibility is revolutionary, especially for those who have always yearned for diverse vocal options in their tracks. 

Musicfy AI Vocals: A New Age of Vocal Production - workspace

One of the standout features of Musicfy is its voice models. The Nina voice model, for instance, is particularly impressive, delivering high-quality vocals with minimal artifacts. 

Another notable model is Dorian, which, although it has some artifacts, can be blended seamlessly into a mix, especially with a guitar backdrop. 

The platform’s ease of use, combined with its ability to produce studio-quality vocals in mere minutes, makes it a must-try for every modern producer.

7. Lalals AI Vocals: Celebrity Voices at Your Fingertips

Lalals AI Vocals takes a different approach, offering users the chance to leverage celebrity voice models. Imagine having Ed Sheeran or Tate McRae sing your lyrics! 

Lalals AI Vocals: Celebrity Voices at Your Fingertips homepage

While the idea might sound surreal, Lalals makes it possible. However, it’s essential to understand that each model has its unique characteristics. 

For instance, the Ed Sheeran model might have certain artifacts, and the Tate McRae model might work best when the original recording is in falsetto. 

The key to success with Lalals is experimentation. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each model, producers can optimize their recordings for the best results. 

Beyond the celebrity models, Lalals also offers a plethora of other voices, including those of famous personalities like Donald Trump and Barack Obama, perfect for those looking to create meme-worthy content. 

In the ever-evolving world of music production, Lalals stands out as a tool that brings both fun and functionality to the table.

8. Synthesizer – Game-changer AI Singing Generator

Synthesizer V, crafted by Dreamtonics, is an advanced AI-driven synthesizer designed to emulate the human singing voice. 

With its neural network-based engine, it produces lifelike vocals, offering users a diverse range of expressions from chest to breathy tones

Synthesizer - Game-changer AI Singing Generator homepage

The software operates offline, ensuring uninterrupted creativity. Its standout feature, Live Rendering, visualizes real-time waveform modifications, aiding in quicker sound adjustments. 

Additionally, it supports cross-lingual synthesis in English, Japanese, and Chinese. 

For professionals, Synthesizer V Studio simplifies the process: import a MIDI, add lyrics, and let the software do the magic. 

You can check out an impressive presentation of one of their voices here:

9. VOCALOID by Yamaha: Revolutionizing Vocal Synthesis

VOCALOID, crafted by Yamaha, stands as a premier singing synthesizer that’s reshaping music creation. 

The latest version, VOCALOID6, delivers an even more natural singing voice, turning computers into versatile vocalists. 

VOCALOID by Yamaha: Revolutionizing Vocal Synthesis homepage

With diverse voicebanks like SARAH and ALLEN, it caters to a wide range of musical styles.

VOCALOID6 also introduces VOCALOID:AI, an advanced feature that generates expressive singing effortlessly. 

Users can easily input melody and lyrics, and let the AI craft the vocals. 

Plus, with tools to adjust accents, vibrato, and rhythm, creators have full control over their sound. 

VOCALOID isn’t just a software; it’s Yamaha’s vision for the future of music.

10. Voicemod

Voicemod is not just another voice changer; it’s a powerful tool designed to transform your voice in real-time. 

Whether you’re a musician looking to experiment with new vocal effects or a producer aiming to add a unique touch to your tracks, Voicemod has got you covered. 

With its vast library of voice effects, you can sound like a robot, a demon, or even famous celebrities. 

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of autotune to your vocals or completely transform your voice’s identity, Voicemod provides the tools and flexibility to achieve your desired sound.

 For those eager to dive into the world of AI-driven voice modulation, Voicemod is a must-try.

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FAQ Section

What is the best AI voice changer for singing?

The “best” AI voice changer for singing largely depends on individual needs and preferences. However, based on our review, platforms like Emvoice, Synthesizer V, and Vocaloid are top contenders in the realm of AI singing voice generation.

Is there an AI voice that can sing?

Yes, there are several AI voices specifically designed for singing. Tools like Emvoice, Synthesizer V, and Vocaloid offer AI-generated voices that can produce singing vocals based on user input.

How do you make an AI voice for a singer?

Creating an AI voice for a singer involves training a neural network on vast amounts of vocal data. Platforms like Uberduck and Murf.ai allow users to input text, which the AI then converts into singing using trained voice models. Some platforms even offer the ability to customize or train your own voice models.

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